Advanced Monitoring, Situational Awareness, Actionable Intelligence

Protect your organization against Persistent Threats!

Cyber Threats

A persistent and motivated enemy finds ways to penetrate your company's network by knowing your security rules and mimicking the behavior of your legitimate users. Our approach recommends complementing traditional border/perimeter defense strategies with our Advanced Persistent Monitoring.

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Numerous high-impact incidents against high-level targets demonstrate that focusing only on the network perimeter and border control is no longer enough to prevent persistent threats. A cybersecurity paradigm shift is required.

Own Ontology

Our proprietary ontology ensures the success of our searches.

Multiple sources

The expertise of who knows what to look for, where to find relevant information and how to find their owner.


Find relevant information among big data.

Data Fusion

Multiple data sources integration.


Analysis of each event as part of a larger context.


Identification of vulnerabilities, threats and trends.

Harpia Tech, a brazilian company

Our team has developed an innovative and proprietary approach to increase our customers' cybersecurity.

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